Salad Pizza with Perfect Pizza Dough!


Morning! How’s your day going so far?

I got up and out for a little run this morning. I’ve found that my Tuesday runs are the hardest. I seem to need to walk more and am slower than I am on Thursday and Saturday. I have no clue why, but I just truck along, taking walking breaks when I need to. Is running hard while pregnant? Well, yes and no. I’m such in the habit of exercising it’s pretty easy for me to get out of the door. Is it physically HARD? It’s challenging, but I’m running slow so it’s not like I’m huffing and puffing. Some days are better than others, that’s for sure. But the key for me is to stay flexible in my running plans, walk when I need to and just feel good.

Anyway, tangent.

I have been loving pizza in my pregnancy. Well, honestly, I’ve always loved pizza but I didn’t eat it *that* much. Maybe 1-2x a month. Now since I’m embracing my wants I’ve been eating pizza about 1 time a week. When I say pizza, I mean homemade pizza, by the way. I just prefer my homemade pizza to a pizza place’s pizza. I’ve been switching it up with toppings, making flat breads, different sauces, etc, so I don’t get bored.

I wanted to share my recipe for pizza dough today since I’ve been making it umm…a lot. I make it in my bread machine, but you could make it in a mixer or by hand as well.

*Depending on how I’m feeling, sometimes I’ll use 1/2 spelt flour, 1/2 whole wheat. If I’m getting really creative, I’ll use some quinoa or chickpea flour (up to about 1/2 cup) just to add a different flavor to the dough. It slightly changes the texture of the dough, but it’s delicious.

One pizza I’ve been loving lately:

For me, this pizza is amazing. I’m certainly not all about gorging while pregnant and I feel like making my own pizza is a balance between eating healthy whole grain food & indulging.

What meal have you been loving lately? 

Bread 2 Ways: Whole Wheat Garlic Knots & Gluten Free Garlic Knots!

Morning! Boy does it feel like that weekend just FLEW by WAY too fast!

I usually like to end my weekend with a nice big Sunday dinner. It just is the perfect way to send off the weekend. When I was little…and all growing up we always had Sunday dinners. They usually would be pasta, meatballs, sauce & lots of bread….so I am tranforming Sunday dinners; but the most important part of it, the people I spend it with, is still the same.

I am so grateful for our house and kitchen. It makes me so happy to be in there cooking for people I love.(I’d even be happy cooking for people I just like though, kidding.) My family gathered around my dining room table = best part of the weekend.

After careful consideration I decided that I probably should make something a little different this week for dinner, so I added garlic knots & a healthy dessert to the mix. The roasted chicken has been a staple in our family and I wanted to vlog about it, so I made it again last night.

Our dinner was arugala salad (with grape tomatoes, walnuts & black olives), roasted cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower & brussels sprouts), roasted chicken, baked sweet potato wedges and GARLIC KNOTS.  Dessert was chocolate pb rice krispies. (AMAZING).

The garlic knots & chocolate pb rice krispies stole the show.  I would have been fine eating just those two things.

I made whole wheat & gluten free garlic knots. For the gluten free knots, just get a package of GF pizza dough and prepare according to directions. Then follow instructions below. The GF flour is very delicate so you can’t really “knot” them, but you can cross & tuck it gently. It works. Doesn’t need to be perfect.  I used Arrowhead Mills GF pizza dough mix.

For the pizza dough, I used 1/2 whole wheat, 1/2 spelt flour and used the recipe that is in my Cuisinart breadmaker recipe booklet.

GF dough

roll it out

knotted up

butter & garlic melting

I didn’t want the knots to break, so I brushed the butter on!

Delish and a perfect Sunday TREAT.

P.S. I stopped eating chocolate for a week and was shooting for two weeks. I decided that I really wanted to eat these crispy treats and would continue my non-chocolate eating ways today. WORTH IT.

Off to hit cardio bootcamp and the weights! Starting Monday off RIGHT! Are you keeping up with your resolutions?!

Happy Monday!


Treat Yo’Self! Buttercream Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes, oh cupcakes. I don’t make cupcakes often. Truth is, I don’t even really like cake. I’d much rather have cookies or ice cream. It takes a really good cake or cupcake to get me to eat it. (Flash back to the last wedding I went to which had AMAZING cupcakes!)

remember these?

On Sunday I felt like making something for dessert to go along with my thank you dinner I was making. My step dad always jokes with me about my “healthy” foods, so I had to make something that was more indulgent for him. Instead of making a whole cake, I decided to go with cupcakes. They are cute and small…and don’t make much mess. I hit up google blogs and came across Angela’s vegan chocolate cupcake recipe.

Semi-healthy cupcakes were in the cards. I made these with spelt flour and turbinado sugar. I followed Angela’s recipe exactly.

Then there was the buttercream frosting….

Why make vegan cupcakes with buttercream frosting? Well, simple. I had all of the ingredients on hand for the cupcakes and I trust that Angela’s recipe is going to be amazing. As for the frosting, I always go with real butter over the alternative fake stuff.

Real food= better. Real butter = way better. If you are vegan, please go ahead and substitute Earth Balance for butter and then we can all be happy with buttercream frosted chocolate cupcakes.  :)

I know I’ve told you before, but a fresh made cupcake is something I love to eat (occasionally); a packaged dessert, no thank you. There is just something about a dessert that’s made of ingredients you know of that tastes so much better (maybe because it actually does!). There is no guilt in enjoying a cupcake or cookie when you know where and WHAT it’s made of!

So TREAT YO’SELF! (parks and rec anyone?)



Scary Stuff Tackled: Phyllo Dough


Yesterday we had a really fun, pretty low key day celebrating our anniversary. We ended up going into the city and running along the water down in Tribeca.  It was an unbelievable day and I was thankful to be able to get outside and run there, especially since Danny’s relaxed summer schedule is coming to an end this week. Boo.

Since I was in the relaxed, celebratin’ mood we walked about 2 miles and ran 3. (I don’t know what that has to do with celebrating, but we talked most of the time, so our pace was slow and comfy.)

After that we went and ate at Locanda Verde, as per the recommendation of my city guide, Lauren. We had a nice lunch then headed to SoHo to do some shopping and with that, I’m the proud new owner of the groove crop pants. I’m mostly interested in walking around Crate and Barrel rather than clothes stores at this moment, but I’m sure that will fade. :)

In other news, I’m still working on cleaning out my cabinet/pantry/freezer, so when Angela posted this recipe for spelt flour phyllo dough, I felt like she was sending me a personal message to make this. I got that message and made her recipe, and boy am I glad I did.

Like Angela says, phyllo dough seems scary. It’s been in my freezer probably about 2 months and it just stares at me every time I go in there. Monday was the day to overcome my fear…(okay dramatic, I know).

In sharing this recipe with you, I have to apologize. Many of my worldly possessions are at my mom’s house because we are moving Friday/this weekend AND I shuffle between her house and my apartment because of work. All this means, that my camera is at my mom’s and all these are iPhone pictures. I’m sorry if you squeam, I kind of did, but this recipe is so good, I can’t not share.

before rolling up

rolled up

post oven

We could really use all your positive thoughts. We are having someone come look at our apartment last night and we are REALLY hoping that they buy it. If you all could think lots of positive thoughts we would greatly appreciate it!

Off to meet with some clients, workout and do a walk through of our house tonight! Have a great day!