Veggie Quiche with Socca Crust!


I’m sitting here enjoying every sip of my morning cup of coffee before I get up and do a little weight workout. I’m thinking today I’m going to do the leg workout from Cassey’s bikini blaster series. Be sure to check it out. They are awesome workouts and FREE. If the weather holds out I’ll also be going for a walk on the boardwalk.

What are you up to today? I’m trying to commit to taking at least half a day on Fridays and relaxing. I feel like I owe it to my pregnant self to really enjoy this summer.

We actually went out to dinner 2x this week which is very rare for us, but sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do, right? :)  Although we did go out to dinner, I still have a great Friday recipe for you.

Monday I had no clue what to make for dinner and was feeling pretty blah. I wanted to make something quick that didn’t require a lot of clean up. I looked through my pantry and decided on something with socca (chickpea flour bake). This was definitly a winner.


socca crust pre-baked


*Note: I only had 6 eggs, which is why I only used 6 but I would have preferred to use 8. 

This was one of my favorite things I’ve made in recent weeks. It’s super easy, delicious and can be served with a side salad to make a complete dinner. If you’re wondering where to find chickpea flour, you can find it at Whole Foods, health food stores, or on Amazon. I buy mine in a 4 pack so I get a better price for it.

Okay I’m off to finish this cup of coffee and get my workout in! :)

Have a wonderful Friday!

Mexican Socca Tostada!

So dinner last night was pretty amazing. I was going to write “epic” but I kind of hate that word. I’ll stick with words like amazing, awesome and delicious. They are more my speed. Although… I will break out legendary occasionally as a nod to How I Met Your Mother and Barney Stinson.

I saw a picture of a taco tostado or something along those lines yesterday…and from that one picture I knew what was for dinner. I sent my husband arm deep in our pantry to find the garbanzo bean flour. I just *knew* we had some even if it was at the back of our almost 2 feet deep cabinets. When he pulled out every other flour under the sun and then finally found it, I may have squealed. Yes, food is that exciting in this house. 

This is a multi-step dinner, but it all came together in about 20-25 minutes. So just do it. If you don’t have garbanzo bean flour, then feel free to use a tortilla or brown rice or quinoa flour instead.

I wish there were leftovers from this, but since there aren’t I’m off to figure out what else there is to eat! Also feel free to adapt this to your needs by using just veggies, adding peppers, tofu or even mahi mahi. So many delicious options!

On another note: the winner of my chobani giveaway is…..

Kevin email me your address and we’ll get the chobani out to you!

I’m off to get my workout in and meet some clients!

Have a great day!


Veggie Quiche with Socca Crust!

Happy Friday! I got up with Bob’s Pure Burn Workout it burned, liked promised. It does every time.

I have a conference in the city today, which I’m semi looking forward to. I enjoy getting out of the classroom for a day sometimes, but I like being at school on Fridays.

I’m excited to share this recipe with you today. I know many of you have tried socca before and this is a little twist on what to do with it. If you don’t have garbanzo bean flour, try using quinoa or brown rice flour. I would imagine it would be just as good!

bake socca crust first

before baked


I need to get going because I’m always running to the train…I don’t need to spill an entire water bottle in my bag just to get there this time. My life would be so much less complicated if I left 10 minutes earlier rather than 5 minutes late. Does anyone else have this problem?

Fridays and A Socca Revisit

I love Fridays.

Fridays mean I only have to work until 2:40.

Fridays mean I go to Trader Joe’s and buy copious amounts of things that are always in my pantry. Don’t tell my husband. Oh wait, he knows. (Why do I buy almond and peanut butter like it is going out of style?)

Fridays mean I can have a (third…yikes..) cup of coffee when I get home and not worry if I’ll fall asleep or not.

Fridays mean I sit in front of the TV with no responsibilities or care to cook dinner. I also read blogs until my eyes feel like they are going to bleed.

Tell me I’m not alone here.

Yesterday I ran a 5k on the treadmill. It was very slow, but I still feel accomplished and excited I could run it straight through with no ankle pain. If I add 1 mile a week-ish I’ll be ready for the 15k. I need to map out a better training plan for that and the half, but that’s my idea for now.

Have a wonderful Friday!

If you do one thing this weekend…try socca. I made it last night, stovetop.

pan I used

I cooked these just like I cooked pancakes. I waited for it to very lightly brown around the edges and bubble in the middle before I flipped it. I ate this by itself and Danny ate it with butter. Both delicious.

What’s your favorite thing about Friday?