Saturday Link Love: Favorite Reads of the Week!

Hi! Happy Saturday!

My morning started early at about 6:30. Considering I fell asleep before 9, I wasn’t surprised to wake up at this time. I checked my app and saw that it was 78 already and quickly realized it was either now or never for a run. I got up and out and did 4.5 sweaty miles.

It’s time to share my favortie reads of the week. I’m continually impressed by the posts my blogger friends put out, so I love sharing them with you.

Miz shares her tips on Mindful Eating. Mindful eating isn’t something that happens over night, but it works for me and for Carla too. Check out her tips!

Kalli posted: We Are Not Perfect. I loved this post because sometimes we do think other bloggers are perfect, but that is far from the truth. I love her honest post about her struggles with food and diet.

Carlyn is celebrating her 1 year blog anniversary! Happy 1 year to Just Keep Sweating!

Christie is shouting about doing what makes you happy and nothing else. I love this girl. Go read her post where she goes all Jerry Maguire on you!

Tina posted an awesome upper body workout. She’ll kick your butt.

And last but not least, Lori & Michelle started a new blog! Go check that out too!

And when you’re done with that…go enjoy your weekend!

Off to Home Depot, Target, Trader Joe’s and a BBQ tonight. Have a great weekend! 

Saturday Link Love & Banjees Review!

Who’s got fun weekend plans?? Anyone?

I’ll be here doing work and watching my first floor bathroom progress. I can’t wait to share the finished product with you… in the next month. It will be a functioning bathroom sooner than later, but it won’t be completely done for a few weeks. We have a completion date set for the last weekend in July, when we are hosting my cousin’s graduation party. Super exciting, I know.

I have two different things to share with you today. First my favorite links of the week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Saturday Link Love!

You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet: Tina posted a great blog about how you can’t exercise a bad diet. TRUE. Diet is SUPER important and you can’t eat whatever junk you want and then expect an hour at the gym to fix it right up.

You Don’t Need a Gym to Sweat: Carlyn put together a great post with workouts that are gym free. You can do these right at home. You know I LOVE at home workouts, so I LOVE this post!

Fitness Celebrity Jackie Warner’s Secret to Success: Bex got to workout and meet Jackie Warner last weekend. I loved all her posts about it. I was invited to go to the workout in the city, but I couldn’t make it so I felt like I got to expereince it with Bex.  Also check out her Jackie Warner DVD giveaway! 

Running in NYC: Need a running route in NYC? Ashley has got you covered!

Super Food Green Push Pops & Munchkin Meals: Laury posted a recipe for some refreshing push pops and also showed what else her 13 month year old loves to eat! I need to make my own pops!

My second thing to share with you is a fun review. I recieved this banjees wrist pouch from Sprigs in the mail to try out and I’ve been loving it. It’s perfect to fit your license, key and credit card in. My favorite places to wear it are a quick run to the store, to pick up my husband from the train, to a workout class…basically anywhere you don’t want to lug your entire bag. I also wore it on a run once and found it stayed put really well. I wish it was a tad bigger so I could fit my phone in it, but then again I don’t think it would be very comfortable. (Note: They do have a bigger banjees that will fit your phone!)

They are so kind to offer my readers a coupon code: GoodChoices20 to be used at checkout valid for 20% off of orders of $30 or more or 10% off orders below $30! Thank you Sprigs! They have much more than the banjees, so go check them out!

I’m off to head out for a little run and then get back to do some work. Have a wonderful weekend!

What was your favorite post from the week?

Saturday Link Love!

Happy Saturday! How’s the weather by you? Here it’s pretty dreary, but hoping it picks up…as in gets sunny. I’m okay with it being dreary until after I come back from a run which I plan on doing at some point today.

This was a whirlwind week for me and Pure Bliss Eats. I’m overall happy with what I got done (even though I often feeling like a hamster on a hamster wheel). Danny says the past two weeks I’ve been a ball of gratefulness and emotions, but how can I not be? I’m living this amazing life, got a baby on the way, have support from my family and friends and am on the way to having a first floor bathroom. Yes, I have to include that because I’m that thrilled about not having to walk up the steps every time I have to pee.

After staying at our friends’ Meg and Rob’s house until late last night, I’m relaxing this morning. I can’t wait to share the recipe for the salmon that Rob made. He’s a fisherman and not only caught the salmon we ate, BUT grilled it on cedar planks. AMAZING. He’s going to Alaska to fish next week, so when he comes back I’ll be sure to have him share the recipe.

Back to relaxing: I’m catching up on all the blog posts that I missed during the week. I’ve read some great ones, so I thought I’d bring back Saturday Link Love and share with you all.

Is Worrying Praying For What We Don’t Want? My favorite posts from Carla are her posts about mothering and being a parent. I look up to her so much as a mom and think she does such an amazing job with her little (or big?) Tornado. Check out this post about worrying.

Roasted Potato and Avocado Salad: Cat has such amazing recipes. I need to make this one. I also felt the same way as her about the TODAY show yesterday.

Runner Pick Up Lines:  Gotta love this post by Pavement Runner. Just a fun one.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is NOT Corn Sugar: Jody wrote a powerful post about the truth about HFCS & corn sugar. A must read.

My Journey to Lean: How I Lost Body Fat: Check out Jess’s amazing results using some GNC products. While I don’t think supplements are right for everyone, she certainly had amazing results using some!  Diet and exercise do come first though and she clearly has that down!

Okay, I’m hungry. Must eat and workout. Have a fabulous weekend!

Have any favorite posts? Please share!

Saturday Link Love!

Happy Saturday!

This is our first weekend home and semi-relaxing in 3 weeks. I’m working today in the morning (come say hi and try some healthy snacks at Breathe n Flow Yoga in Freeport from 10-1!!) but then after that I’m going to get a manicure and do house things. Unfortunately, since we are doing house work ourselves, whenever we go away for the weekend nothing gets done. Hence the fact we still have a hole for the bathroom….well, that and we are budgeting our funds.

Hopefully in the next month we’ll be ordering our kitchen backsplash and starting the bathroom. Bathroom end goal is the summer…before baby. Having a house is definitly a money pit, but we love our home and are thankful for it everyday. Especially when I think about our little Queens apartment that had no parking.

Enough babbling by me.

I haven’t posted link love posts in awhile and I’ve read great posts this week, so I’m sharing.

Lori & Michelle’s, Did We Always Look This Fit? This post made me so envious. I’m so happy to be growing a baby, but it made me miss my abs! These girls are rockin’ their abs & arms!

Maria from A Life to Bragg About posted about how she’s going to cope with her husband’s deployment. Military wives are SO strong.

Butterflies for Dinner: Often parents ask me how to get their kids to eat veggies. Tina did a great post on some ways she got her little ones to eat some!

Chia Seeds 101: Laury did a great post about chia seeds with some recipes too!

And two more from two of my favorite bloggers….

Congrats to Anna who had her BEAUTIFUL baby girl Lila! 

and a very happy Birthday to Kelly who deserves a year filed with lots of happiness.

Hope you had a wonderful Saturday! And come visit me if you’re local and not busy! :)