Fresh Tomato Grape Salsa!

Good morning! Just walked in from a hot and sweaty run. To beat the heat I got up at 6, but didn’t get out until almost 7 and it was so humid out. It wasn’t that hot, but the air was very thick and almost hard to breathe. Glad that’s over!

I forgot to tell you that my pantry clean out is also extended to my freezer. These things are just black holes, so I’m determined to figured out what’s in them and use it up!

Last night was mostly fresh produce and frozen tuna from the (obviously) freezer. No can’s or grains were used, so I kind of lose points there, but tonight’s a new night! I wasn’t that hungry because I started snacking the minute I got in the door, after a belly full of chips, carrots and salsa, dinner was pretty light.

With the salsa mentioned above, maybe one would think that may have come from my pantry, but no! I got an intense desire to make fresh salsa. I’ve been seeing red grapes used in so many dishes lately, that I figured, why not throw it in my salsa? Excellent decision.


This was my first time making my own salsa, and it was so easy I will be doing it again. Hopefully next time I’ll have some garden fresh tomatoes from my mom’s garden.

Off to do some work. Stay tuned for an amazing giveaway for my 2 year blogiversary! So excited for this one!

Paying Assistants in (Honey) Granola

Morning! So, the topic of conversation here in NY is the heat…it’s super hot, sticky and humid. Yesterday Danny and I went for a run at 6 a.m. and it was ALREADY hot and sticky out.

What have I been doing with myself?

I feel like I have been MIA from all social media outlets. It’s amazing that even though I’m out of work, I’m finding myself even busier with health counseling and baking and getting things ready for my event! Lots of things going on and I love every second. This really doesn’t seem like work to me.

I’m coming down to my last month at Integrative Nutrition. It really has been amazing and I’ve learned so much. It’s really giving me the tools that I need to get my business going and hopefully successful.

I also hired 2 assistants and added a person to my legal team. They proof read for me (not my blog), help me with errands, listen to my ideas, come up with new ideas,tell me if my baked goods are great, or they stink, or they need gobs more chocolate, etc. I love having assistants…why didn’t anyone tell me how wonderful it is.

I pay them all in granola, muffins and granola bars. (and by assistants, I really mean my sister and cousin…who don’t have much else to do right now besides give all their time to me…which I’m incredibly, incredibly grateful for!!! …and  by legal team I mean my sister’s boyfriend, currently doing amazing in law school)

So this week’s payment?

Honey Granola..obviously.

granola over smoothie in a bowl

What are your favorite add-ins in granola?

Have a great day!

Best Meal Since Italy? Grill Pizzas

Monday! It’s here. It was a big weekend for me. It was filled with a 50th Birthday Surprise party for my step-dad, Tony. He was so surprised and it probably was the most I’ve seen him smile ever. Today’s his real birthday (7/11/11), cool right?

That, combined with what I’m about to reveal to you, made it a very successful weekend.

Okay here is one of the boldest statements I’ve ever made. Ready for it?

This is the best meal I’ve had since Italy. Seriously.

You need to try this. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare, 7-8 minutes to cook and then heaven.


Starting with toppings

Best meal ever.

I plan on recreating this again in the near future.

Still hungry? Check out my very first Bakery Event to launch Pure Bliss Eats (and treats!)

Have a great day. I’m off to the gym for some HIIT and lower body.


PB Chocolate Bites

Back to the grind! How was your Fourth of July? Ours was relaxing, involved lots of beach time and good snacks.

couldn't they be our kids?

You all know that whenever I go anywhere I bring tons of snacks. I love routines and I’m not one to go fishing for food at the last hour when I’m hungry. So I tend to come armed with lots of snacks, food, ingredients, etc.

Instead of making and bringing tons more of the energy bites, I decided to whip up something new. My niece and sister in law are big fans of my treats and I figured, I couldn’t disappoint them!

I love these because they are no bake, easy to make and vegan. No I’m not vegan, but you probably know most of the treats/snacks I make are. It’s mostly because…well…I like to eat the batter. Don’t worry I wait until I’m done doing what I’m doing. I always leave a little extra at the bottom that can’t possibly make another ball…or three.

These are perfect for a pre or post workout snack…or just an anytime snack…or a perfect thing to throw on top of your yogurt or smoothie. Crumble it up on top of yogurt or a smoothie and you have almost cookie dough. Cookie dough that won’t hurt your stomach or make you crash.

There are also gluten free naturally. I used puffed millet (GF) and GF old fashioned oats. So GF and vegan? You’re good to go. Herbivore or meat eater? Promise, you’ll like these too.

Another great part of these is that you can use any nut butter you have: peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, etc. Use what you have in your cabinet! I’m not a fan of running to the store to buy ingredients you don’t have!

Have a great day!