Superbowl Sunday & Turkey White Bean Chili!

How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was great. Saturday we did NOTHING besides cleaned up some things around the house. Sunday we went food shopping, cleaned up some more and I made a couple things for the Superbowl. When I say “for the Superbowl” I mean we ate at 5 and everyone was gone by 6:30.

Danny watched the Superbowl while I watched The Shield (anyone else watch this show?!) on the computer. I did pause it to watch Beyonce’s half time show and to hear about the blackout. I was happily asleep by 9 o’clock and slept through the night besides a couple short wake ups. (Danny did the 11:30 wake up and she slept till 6 besides that!!)

I wanted to share the recipes I made because they were SO good!

Jessica’s Whole Wheat Fontina Portobella Pizza (I ended up only using 1 piece of turkey bacon and swapped provolone for fresh mozzarella and left out the parmesan all together.) This was delicious. I usually only make traditional pizza or salad pizza so this was a nice change!

Healthy Chicken Fingers  This is my recipe. I’ve made these guys a whole bunch of times and they are so perfect with some ketchup! (Or honey mustard!)

A green salad. No recipe linking here – I did made a romaine salad with some cucumbers and black olivies. Simple.

And lastly,

photo 74 300x225 Superbowl Sunday & Turkey White Bean Chili!


We topped this chili with the leftover grated fontina cheese, but feel free to use any cheese to your liking..or to leave out! I served this without any grains because we were having pizza, but for leftovers I’ll be eating this with brown rice or farro! I LOVE the dutch oven because you just throw everything in and don’t worry about it, besides checking on it occasionally and stirring. ( I have this Rachael Ray one, which was a tad small for this. I ended up removing some of the liquid and dumping it, so if you have this one just use a little less chicken broth.)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week! See you soon! icon smile Superbowl Sunday & Turkey White Bean Chili!

Comfort Food: Italian Wedding Soup!


Hope you all had a wonderful President’s Day! Did you take off? I did a bunch of work, but had Danny home with me. I decided to basically unplug for most of the day and skipped blogging all together. It was so nice to mostly put down the phone and just focus on real life.

Yesterday I also got in a 3.5 mile run with Danny. We used to run 2-3 times a week together, so even though it was cold we decided to suck it up and just get out there. It was worth it, even though the winds were cold, it wasn’t too bad.

Onto food, which is clearly more important. I’ve been having a love affair with soup lately. Well soup and pecorino romano. I make it more than once a week, which is funny because it’s not even that cold out.  My Aunt Millie used to make an Italian wedding soup with basically anything she had thrown in. The key were the tiny little meatballs.

She’s since stopping making the soup, I mean she is 95, so I don’t blame her. This weekend we were feeling a bit nostolgic and decided to give it a go ourselves. I knew it was never going to be as good as hers…and it wasn’t, but it was pretty darn good.

The key to this, like I said, are the tiny meatballs. If you can grab an extra set of hands for help, then it will go faster!

You can make this basically however you want, but I chose to go with lean turkey meat to make it even healthier. The fat from the meatballs if you used pork, beef or non-lean turkey meat probably would enhance the flavor, but I really didn’t miss it!

IMG 4211 300x225 Comfort Food: Italian Wedding Soup!

To me this soup is super comforting, so really feel free to do whatever you want with it. Aunt Millie may have added a can of diced tomatoes, some potatoes, zucchini or anything else she had on hand. I kind of did the same because I wanted a very simple soup. Also feel free to serve with some tubettini or orzo pasta and dump even more grated cheese on it. That’s my kinda dinner!

IMG 4212 300x225 Comfort Food: Italian Wedding Soup!

I’ve got to get some Pure Bliss orders together and out! Not sure what the gym holds for me today, but we’ll see when I get there!

What’s your favorite comfort food?

Have a wonderful day! 


17 Bean Soup!

Morning! I woke up to a little big of a debacle in my world….our coffee pot broke! I noticed yesterday that my coffee wasn’t hot, but I just shrugged it off. This morning it won’t brew. Major bummer.  Starting my day with Starbucks Awake tea. I let myself be upset for 5 minutes before I moved on.

Yesterday we spent the day working putting together a quick video for something we are entering. I’ll be sure to share more details with you later on.  The video took most of the day and all the sudden it was the afternoon. I have almost no food in my fridge. No fresh veggies at all, so there were slim pickings for dinner. I fished around my pantry and found Trader Joe’s 17 bean mix. Soup it was.

I love the 17 bean mix because it’s quick and easy and you can make a really good soup with it. I soaked the beans for 3 hours before cooking them, but it’s really not totally necasary if you don’t have the time.  Total cook time after soaking was about 30 minutes. Danny ended up stopping at the store on the way home to grab me carrots & celery to throw in the soup.

IMG 4178 300x225 17 Bean Soup!

IMG 4177 300x225 17 Bean Soup!

You know I’m a big fan of dinners that are quick and easy…and not to mention healthy. This one certainly fits the bill, whether you’re in a time pinch, helping kids with homework or just want a healthy warm meal. Oh and I forgot, this is also VERY budget friendly!

Here is the video we made yesterday for Pure Bliss Eats. We’d love to hear what you think! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Have a great day!

Need to Warm Up? Green Egg Lemon Soup

Today is my 600th post! I can’t decide it that sounds like a lot, or not a lot, but either way I will say thank you for reading. Older readers and new, I love all of you! I know I haven’t been consistent with my blog posting but it’s not because I don’t want to share amazing recipes with you! It’s because my house is in shambles, quite literally, I have been dealing with vertigo and I’m trying to rest and stay off the computer as much as possible.

Yes, I have a ton of changes and a LOT of stress going on. I’m trying to deal with it as best as I can, but I can’t say it’s without waking up at 3 am with a million things to do for my house in mind. I do feel like I feel a little bit better each day, so that’s a good thing.

So with my house a mess, I’m eating very random foods, again why I didn’t do What I Ate Wednesday. No one wants to see the things I’m throwing together. Borderline gross. Not for me, but probably for you. You probably do want to see what I’m cooking dinner in though, so take a look.

IMG 0933 300x300 Need to Warm Up? Green Egg Lemon Soup

It will only be like this until the weekend when the walls and ceiling go up. I didn’t realize how much anxiety and stress living in a messy house would give me. I now know.

Yesterday I was going to make a chicken, but then I remembered Danny was at work, which means I’d have to clean it myself…no thank you. Instead, I went with soup.

IMG 4007 300x225 Need to Warm Up? Green Egg Lemon Soup

IMG 4008 300x225 Need to Warm Up? Green Egg Lemon Soup

This soup is perfect for a rainy day like today on the east coast! Make it ahead of time and serve it for multiple lunches or dinner. Ideal right? And delicious!

Enjoy your rainy day!