Banana Almond Flax Muffins (grain, dairy, soy free)

Good morning! Today Danny and I (and a bunch of my friends) started a ten day cleanse. We are avoiding grains, dairy, soy, beans and sugar. I started out wanting to do this because after Easter, I felt like crap. I told Danny about it and he jumped on it. He gets some joint pain and wanted to see how it helps him. (His father has RA, so he gets tested yearly to make sure he doesn’t have it…we’re just mindful and he generally is GF because he feels the best when he stays away from it.)

After a couple of days obviously I felt better from Easter and I kind of was like ehh, why am I going to do this? But I still have some eczema/rashes and flare up occasionally, sometimes multiple times a day, so I want to see if there is any correlation between food and my flare ups. (Note: I have been taking a prescription anti-histamine every other day for two months, but I stopped taking it Thursday and really don’t want to go back on it.)

I prepped some food yesterday. Mainly, chia pudding and muffins. The muffins are mostly for Danny so he has something he can snack on during the week, besides nuts. They are grain free, dairy free and soy free. They have date syrup in it, which acts as a sweetener but as far as I’m concerned it directly from a whole food, so it’s fine.

IMG 1326 300x300 Banana Almond Flax Muffins (grain, dairy, soy free)

If you try them let me know! They are a really great breakfast or snack throughout the day!


Week 3 Food Budget Challenge & Cashew Almond Oat Bars!

Week three of my food budget challenge was a success! I spent $133.85! I actually can’t believe I got it so low. I probably will be much, much closer to $150 this week. As it comes closer to Friday I can feel I spent so little because our fridge is looking a tad bare.

Like I said before I’ve been making a list of things I need (and some wants) and then writing the approximate cost of the item. Since I go to Trader Joe’s so much I basically know the cost of most things I buy there. I’ve been buying mostly the same things but switching up things like vegetable of the week (right now usually cauliflower or asparagus) and meat.

I’ve also realized that in order to make it work I have to pick one cheese (usually feta or mozzarella) and not buy all the vegetables. I know it may seem obvious but apparently it wasn’t to me. I LOVE cheese so it’s very easy to throw feta, mozzarella and shredded cheeses in my cart.

This past week some food highlights were:

Maple pork chops

IMG 0730 300x300 Week 3 Food Budget Challenge & Cashew Almond Oat Bars!
Baked spiralized zucchini and baked pasta (I was experimenting. Came out tasting yummy but not worth a recipe write up.)

IMG 0749 225x300 Week 3 Food Budget Challenge & Cashew Almond Oat Bars!
Breakfast for dinner (eggs and bacon)

IMG 0782 300x300 Week 3 Food Budget Challenge & Cashew Almond Oat Bars!
Whole roasted chicken
Huge salad with spiralized cucumber and red onion (currently obsessed with doing this)

IMG 0788 300x300 Week 3 Food Budget Challenge & Cashew Almond Oat Bars!
Oat bars (made these for Danny so he would have another breakfast option besides chia pudding and almond banana muffins).

IMG 0805 225x300 Week 3 Food Budget Challenge & Cashew Almond Oat Bars!

Thursdays have become our staple breakfast for dinner night. And if we’re home on Saturdays we typically make quesadillas.

Sundays we’ve gone to my moms for dinner the past three weeks so we’ve been spoiled with good food that wasn’t in our food budget.

I made these oat bars because I wanted to have something we could eat for a quick breakfast or a snack. In my food budget challenge I’m basically doing a pantry clean out as well, because I’m only buying ingredients (I mostly) really need. You can mix in whatever you have. In my case it was almonds, coconut, hemp and chocolate chips. Freeze dried fruit would be great too.

IMG 0806 225x300 Week 3 Food Budget Challenge & Cashew Almond Oat Bars!

One more week on this food challenge!

Just have to take a second to remember a very, very special person. Today would have been my Aunt Louise’s birthday. It’s such a bittersweet day and although I think of her every single day, I’ll be doing a little something special today in remembrance of her. It’s been a little over 5 years since I’ve been able to hug her, it feels like a lifetime, but I can still hear her voice and smell her perfume. Do me a favor and treat yourself extra nice today because that’s what she would have wanted.

IMG 0992 300x224 Week 3 Food Budget Challenge & Cashew Almond Oat Bars!

Coconut Flour Waffles!


I’m almost at two weeks of this crazy elimination diet. A couple of things I’m (fairly) certain of is that gluten, soy and eggs don’t bother me. I’m still mostly avoiding them, but I’ll have the occasional egg. Another thing I’m fairly certain of: it is oral allergy syndrome. I say fairly, because this stuff is hard to nail down. I AM going to make an allergist appointment today though.

I’m still dairy, gluten, nut and raw fruit and veggie free. My eczema has improved but it’s not cleared up yet. This weekend I wanted some waffles, so I decided to give coconut flour a try. It’s pretty pricey, but I’ve heard such good things, I didn’t mind laying down the $7 for the package.

This recipe was very simple. Coconut flour absorbs A LOT of liquid, so just be mindful of that. These are stangely light, yet dense at the same time. I enjoyed them with some blueberry chia jelly and maple syrup. (I used that recipe, but just used frozen blueberries.)

ANYONE would like these waffles.

IMG 7404 1024x1024 Coconut Flour Waffles!

These are going to be added to the regular rotation!


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Last weekend we came home from Martha’s Vineyard and I was in the mood for a very simple dinner. I had picked up some pumpkin when we stopped at Whole Foods, so I decided on some pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes. These were basically devoured, so there are no good pictures…next time…maybe.

IMG 7057 1024x1024 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Hope you can enjoy these over the weekend! Enjoy!