New Breakfast: Maple Almond Oatmeal!

Morning! We are 3 days into Dan’s new role and him being home more. I can’t wait to write more about it, but it has really freed up time for me to work more at home. I can get in anywhere from 1-3 hours in the morning and then if I need to another hour in the late afternoon. It’s been really nice and I already feel more balanced as a family.

I’ve been making breakfast in the morning because I have more time now. I made a quick oatmeal yesterday and it was so great I wanted to share the recipe. Olivia loves helping in the kitchen, so she enjoyed putting in each ingredient and mixing.  Definitely a very family friendly breakfast and packed with nutrients too!


This will be perfect for fall. I’m not quite ready for daily oatmeal, but soon!

What’s your favorite breakfast of late? Always looking for new options! 

Fitness Friday: I Broke up with My Step Counter

After having Mila, I started going for walks about a week or two post partum. I love walking. It’s such a great form of movement and a way to get outside with a newborn. I started checking my step counter on my iPhone after 4 weeks postpartum to see how many steps I had taken. Eventually, when I felt recovered enough I started aiming for 10k steps a day. Fast forward, weeks later… I broke up with my step counter.

To be honest, I never even had one that wasn’t on my iPhone, but I actually asked for the vivofit for an anniversary present, then I decided I didn’t want it. My step count was making me obsessed and after a few weeks of that I realized I need to step back and break up from it.


Over the summer it’s decently easy to get to 10k steps, but I found myself to be thinking too much about having to go for a walk. I didn’t have the “more steps everyday” mentality, but I REALLY wanted to get to 10k steps a day. Then the weather got hotter, I realized I was thinking about steps too much. When can I go for a walk? Could we fit it in after dinner? Is my phone with me so it’s accurate?  How many steps is it to the park?  It’s not like I can take Mila out for a walk when it’s 95 degrees and humid out, so needless to say the steps weren’t happening and I was getting bummed, so I realized enough was enough…I can’t look at it anymore. I also was starting to think about how I would be able to get my 10k steps in, in the winter…which WHO CARES.  I have said before how I didn’t want to go back to my cardio ways and this was heading in that direction. I caught myself quick because I can recognize these thoughts*. I haven’t opened the step count app once since I broke up with it.

*Just want to add, I would do about an hour of cardio a day in my pre-baby days. It’s really not *that* much in the scheme of things, but I know it doesn’t work for my body. It makes me “skinny fat”. You can’t see muscle tone and I don’t even look like I work out. 

Now, obviously I’m NOT saying I don’t go for walks or exercise. I obviously do, BUT it’s not a make or break thing. If I can’t get out for a walk during the day, then oh well. It doesn’t matter. During the warmer months, I really enjoy going for leisurely walks, but for the last 3 weeks with Mila’s nap schedule and the heat it just hasn’t been working. I HAVE to put Mila’s nap and routine first (obviously) because 1. she’s a baby and needs sleep and 2. if she doesn’t nap well, I can’t work! Yes, she would fall asleep on a walk, but if I have work to do, then I need to prioritize that over a walk. When I finish work, if she’ll take another nap and we don’t have anything to do then that’s great and we’ll go for a walk.

Does this mean I sit on my butt all day? No, of course not. I start my day with a workout (which is Body Shred by Jillian Michaels these days….killer…). I try to get out for a short walk daily, but lately that mostly doesn’t happen. I’m hoping to get back to it mostly to just enjoy being outside while it’s warm!

If walking is your primary form of exercise, then I think a step counter is a great tool for you to use to make sure you are moving enough. If you find you’re only doing a few thousand steps a day, try to walk 1k more. Take breaks from work and walk around. Walk around the block. Walk to the mailbox. Do things like that. But if you start to get obsessive and it’s making you crazy or being a negative focus in your day, I encourage you to take a step back!

What are your thoughts? Do you use a step counter to help keep you accountable?

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Eggplant Feta Grill Pizzas

I’ve said before how we grill 95% of our dinners over the summer. I just can’t get away from the ease and the little clean up…and the fact that Danny does most of the work. :)

Every few weeks we will do grill pizzas. We really threw this one together and it was a team effort with these ingredients coming from 3 different houses. I decided to make an eggplant feta pizza and then a traditional pizza with fresh mozzarella.

This actually was more of a flatbread because I didn’t have any yeast. The crust was dense, but we rolled it pretty thin. Everyone was a fan.


What’s your favorite summer time meal? 

Snacking in School Makeover: Healthy Snack List

You guys were so helpful in my post on snacks at preschool. You motivated me so much that the next day I went in and spoke with the director. She actually was super nice and seemed responsive. She said no one had ever asked her to change the snacks. (Of course the day I went in, Liv had chocolate chip cookies for snack.)

The director asked me to make a list of nut free snack options. They usually just buy them on Amazon, so I made it through there. I also brought up making a list for monthly sign ups for parents to bring in fruits and veggies and she was open to that too. I said I would even run that for the class.

This is the list I came up with. I would LOVE to hear any suggestions you have. It has to be nut free and it can’t say “made in a facility that processes nuts.” I think this list is pretty good and I would be happy if she was eating these things for snack at school.


I would love to add to the list if you have any suggestions. I really appreciate your support and push to get in there and talk to the director. Please feel free to print the list also and bring it in to your kid’s school if this is a fight you are fighting as well! Our kids are definitely worth it!



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