Five Things Friday: Recipes, Workouts, Blog Posts & More

Friday!! Today actually feels like Saturday since Danny has off today. This week flew because we had so much company. Love weeks that are all fun.

Can I just say sometimes making decisions are so difficult? I have to make a couple of really hard choices (more social decisions more than anything else). Being an adult sucks sometimes to put it bluntly. I always worry if I’m making the right choice…. There’s so much to consider. Money, time, people’s feelings, right choice for your family….and even when the choice seems obvious it’s still not. Sometimes I wish someone could make the choice for me….but life isn’t that easy.

Moving onto more fun stuff…

5 blog posts to read

5 recipes to make:

5 things I “have” to do today:

  • Workout (check)
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Iced Coffee
  • Put together Liv’s Easter basket
  • Enjoy Danny’s day off!

5 workouts to try

Happy Easter Weekend to all of you! Hope you have a restful and celebratory weekend if you celebrate! :)


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    I’ve seen that blog by Nia before, obviously because of the name haha and was so impressed! I hope your decisions get made ok. I definitely agree that being an adult sucks sometimes! (Boy, I need to get more positive sounding!). I keep hoping this year will be the best year yet, but I’m not really doing anything about it, so I need to make sure that changes! Glad Danny had today off! Tyler normally has very busy weekends, but he’s taking Sunday off and I can’t wait! Happy Easter :)

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