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Happy Friday! 

I’ve been super lucky to have my sister off this week to give me a hand with Olivia…yet this still was a completely exhausting week! Not really sure how, but I think it’s from not having a break last weekend because we were away. Lots of driving + being away + not having any “me” time + teething baby = tired mama. This weekend I’ll catch up though!

Blogging has seriously fell to the waste side…but something’s gotta give. I’ve got a whole post dreamed up in my head about being a stay at home working mom…but I haven’t gotten the words out yet. Someday soon!

5 Random Thoughts

  • I’ve been trying to lay off the dairy in an effort to get ride of my eczema. It’s been helping, but I really miss it. I’m off it kind of indefinitely but I will have some here and there. I want to go to an allergist to see if there is anything else I’m allergic to, but it’s not very high on my to-do list.
  • I also need to reduce the amount of coffee I drink. I always drink half caf, but really it’s still too much. It’s my vice, for sure.
  • I’ve been recording the Today Show so I can watch it (and fast forward) while I work out. It makes me really happy.
  • This weekend I’m REALLY looking forward to running outside. I haven’t run outside since we went to South Carolina. It’s been way too long.
  • Next week is our 5 year anniversary! Can’t even believe it. <3

5 Recipes to Try (can’t wait to make these!)

5 Workouts

5 Posts to Read

5 Inspirational Quotes






Favorite shares for the week? I’d love to read anything you want to share!


  1. says

    Ohhh I look forward to hearing your thoughts on being a work at/stay at home mom! Also, teething is the pits. I just wish they could pop all those suckers through at once! Hang in there. Luckily Olivia is super cute to make up for the sleepless nights 😉
    And thank you for the link love!

  2. says

    resurfacing after parent visit—thank you for the LUUUUUUVE.

    and for me the excema was all gluten–which you already dont do right?

    • Nicole says

      I don’t not do gluten, but I eat it rarely. I mostly stick to rice and quinoa. It doesn’t bother me though and has no effect on the eczema…it’s all dairy for me. In the winter for some reason I can have more dairy and it doesn’t flare up like this.

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