Olivia’s 9 Month Update!

9 months!

IMG 5759 768x1024 Olivias 9 Month Update!

What’s new this month?

  • She’s still crawling but now she’s fast!
  • Pulling up and holding onto things with one hand. She’ll let go and stand for like a half a second and then slowly lower down.
  • Walking while holding our hands.
  • Waving hi ALL the time. She’s been waving for a very long time, but now she does it when we tell her to.
  • “So big” arm motion when you say “how big is Livi?”
  • Lots of new sounds, but no mama yet.
  • a tooth! She got a tooth around 8.5 months. She’s still working on number 2. It’s right at her gums and I can see it, but hasn’t broken yet.
  • Crusing all around.
  • Squeezes her arms and stifens her legs when she’s excited.
  • Crawls away if you say “I’m gonna get you.”
  • Looks under furniture if you’re playing hide and go seek.
  • Very good at pincher grip.
  • First (and second) time at the beach. Hated the ocean, but tolerated the sand the second time.
  • We’ve had one full month with no third nap. Her awake time is about 2.5 hours in the morning before her first nap. After her first nap I can stretch it to 3 hours if I need to, but she’s not so much a fan when I do that.
  • Bedtime is between 7-7:30, depending on when she wakes up from her 2nd nap and how sleepy she is.
  • Size 4 diapers. I didn’t think she was really ready for them, but she’s been leaking like CRAZY through size 3s so we just made the switch. Hopefully it helps. I use Seventh Generation during the day and Pampers night time for night. I may have to try out other brands for day if she keeps leaking through. She leaked through a 4 yesterday when it wasn’t even very full.

IMG 5494 768x1024 Olivias 9 Month Update!


  • Bath
  • Daddy coming home from work
  • Swings
  • Baby pool
  • Yogurt
  • “Rough” playing
  • Books
  • Wagon Ride (as long as there no longer than 10 minutes)
  • Cruising
  • Music

IMG 5713 768x1024 Olivias 9 Month Update!


  • Diaper changes
  • When I feel for her tooth (I mean who would really like this?)
  • Getting back in the car after she’s taken out.
  • Napping in the car.
  • Getting dressed
  • Being somewhere she can’t crawl.
  • Avocado (think it’s a texture thing)

IMG 5732 768x1024 Olivias 9 Month Update!

Food: I talked about it here, Munchkin Meals. She eats well, but on days she’s crankier (when her teeth are bothering her) she eats less. She’s happy to graze all day though typically. If I’m eating when it’s not her meal time, she now will share food with me and eat some bites.

IMG 5281 768x1024 Olivias 9 Month Update!

Sleep: She goes does anywhere between 7-7:30 and wakes up between 6:30-7. One morning last week she slept until 9 (!!) but she’s never done that before. It was the morning after her first tooth busted through. She takes two naps between 1.5-2 hours long.

IMG 5679 768x1024 Olivias 9 Month Update!

Thoughts: She’s now been out the same amount of time she’s been in. I’ve been pretty emotional about it. I just can’t believe she’ll be a year in 3 months. Where does the time go? These days are so incredibly different from newborn days. My little monkey is all over the places and going to walk soon. Although we do have our hard days (hello teething last week) it’s so fun to play and communicate with her now. Being a parent is HARD work and last week seemed daunting. My independent baby wanted to be held basically ALL of the time and it was just tough. Combined with Danny coming home late 3 times, it just was tough. I basically begged my mom to stop by and stay awhole and hold Liv last Friday. (Not that I need to beg…) Luckily it was a Friday and I had the weekend to rest up and feel rejuvinated!

IMG 5787 768x1024 Olivias 9 Month Update!

Next time I may be writing she’s walking! Bring on more fun! icon smile Olivias 9 Month Update!


  1. says

    I can’t believe how much Liv’s face has changed more recently…in a good way of course ;). I REALLY need to get a kiddie pool for the backyard for Nia!!! Teething is hell. I’m glad she’s got the bottom 2 and I’m hoping there’s a break before the next come in because I’ve been enjoying the sleep patterns lately! haha

  2. Lauren says

    Liv is so adorable!! Isn’t this stage so fun? My little guy will be 9 months in a week and I am just loving this age. He’s so much happier now that he can crawl and is sleeping soooo much better except when he’s teething. That was one thing I never really thought or worried much about when I was pregnant. No one warned me how awful it could be!!!

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