Old School Blogging: List of 5

I thought this Old School Blogging post was too fun to not participate. Thanks to Christine for doing it so well, she inspired me to do it as well! Christine also introduced me to two new blogs! Elaine from Miss Elaineous Life is hosting with Alison from Writing, Wishing.

5 Things I have Passion For:

1. Cooking/Food

2. Shopping

3. Nutrition

4. Fitness

5. Family

5 Things I Would Like to Do Before I Die

1. Own a home on or VERY close to the beach. (like Christine)

2. Get my products into Whole Foods across the country.

3. Meet Jillian Michaels (is this weird?)

4. Work with my husband at Blissful Eats

5. Take a family vacation each year.


(Costa Rica)

5 Things I Say A Lot

1. OMG (ugh I say this WAY too much)

2. I have to give you all the kisses (to Liv)

3. Meep, Merp, Derp (all to my family…weird. I know)

4. No (as in no don’t climb on the step/fireplace/furniture)

5. Love you

5 Books or Magazines I’ve Read Recently

This is embarrassing. Can I change this to blogs?

1. Parents Magazine

2. JCREW catalogue

3. I literally haven’t read a book since last summer. So I have nothing else to put here.

5 Favorite Movies

I’m the worst movie watcher. I fall asleep without fail. So 4 & 5 are recent movies I’ve watched.

1. Dirty Dancing

2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (yes… I know)

3. (Literally LOLing at this because I can’t even think…) Silver Linings Playbook

4. (had to ask my husband for answers to this…) Pitch Perfect

5 Places I Would Love to Travel To

1. Italy again. Please.

2. Anguilla

3. Fiji

4. France

5. Anywhere with a beach that is quiet…with a babysitter.


I was supposed to tag 5 people, but instead I invite you to have fun with this and do it, if you feel inclined to!

Where would you like to vacation? What’s something you say a lot?


  1. says

    what a fun list! that pic of you two on vacation is glorious. i love your saying that you say to liv. my good friend kat has a baby girl named penelope and something we say to her all the time is “beautyyyyy” because we want her to grow up just knowing she is a beautyyyy haha! i also say “all the _____” a ton, and lately ive started saying “ratchet” to describe something that’s gross/trashy/etc because my friends say it a lot.

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