Munchkin Meals: Olivia’s Meal Time!

I’ve wanted to participate in Munchkin Meals for a really long time now, but I just haven’t gotten around to doing it. (And already I’m a day late here…I started this yesterday, but couldn’t finish.) I still really haven’t totally participated because I don’t have that many pictures to share.

For some reason I just feel like meal time is so crazy, so I’m not snapping pics. When we started with food it was a huge deal of stress for me. We started oatmeal at 5 months…but took MANY breaks because she was just not ready or into it. Eventually around 6-6.5 months it got slightly easier. I stopped stressing about it and then Olivia took to more food.

I didn’t go baby led weaning approach. I just wasn’t comfortable with it. I did purees because thats what worked for us. I borrowed a baby food maker from my friend Ashely and got to making purees.


My favorite ones to make have been:

  • zucchini & bananas (I add the banana after the zucchini was steamed and pureed)
  • broccoli, cauliflower, applesauce
  • carrots
  • sweet potatoes

Generally I’ll mix the purees with oatmeal or yogurt. Liv is obsessed with yogurt. I give her organic whole yogurt from Trader Joe’s. (It’s impossible to find whole greek yogurt.) Occasionally she’ll steal some of my plain chobani, but I try to keep it organic most of the time.


Breaking it down by meal…


  • oatmeal mixed with puree (I still use baby oatmeal. I mix it with water and cinnamon.)
  • Yogurt with puree and ground flax
  • egg & ezekial bread
  • pancakes or french toast (if it’s the weekend)

Lunch: (can be a combo of any)

  • yogurt mess (if she hasn’t had any yet) I usually mix in yogurt, veggie purree and ground flax
  • applegate farms turkey
  • chicken


Whatever we are eating she eats. Some examples are below, but she’ll really mostly eat anything. (For now, although I hear the picky toddler days are a coming!)

  • Homemade pizza
  • chicken
  • salmon
  • chicken sausage
  • grilled veggies
  • salad


Snack is usually on the go and it’s usually a pouch. My favorite brands are plum organics, happy baby and ella’s kitchen. We also do the crushers from Trader Joe’s. I like these because they aren’t too messy and she can hold it herself.

Typically in a day she eats breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack between lunch and dinner. The only thing she hasn’t eaten is peanut butter and shellfish. Those are off limits until a year I believe. (Have to check with my pediatrician.) When Dan’s home (and eating constantly) she’ll basically eat whatever he’s eating. She’s not so interested in my food. Although she did try almond butter from my bowl the other day. She’s already had almonds in almond meal form in a blueberry muffin in small amounts, so I know she’s fine with it.

Olivia is still a bit picky about texture so she doesn’t really love grains like rice & quinoa or beans yet (unless it’s in hummus form). I’ll keep working on that though!

I’m sure I’ll have more to share as she continues to get older and explore more foods. For now, it’s not that exciting, but I still wanted to share!

Happy Friday!




  1. lauramich says

    So nice to compare notes with another mommy whose little one is a similar age! DJ is one week younger than Liv. We’ve gone more slowly with solids. I waited until he was 6 months to start; his first meal was pureed sweet potato. We did one meal of solids/day for the first month, then added breakfast.

    At 8.5 months (how is that possible?!), he’s still at 2 meals of solids per day, plus four bottles. Breakfast is oatmeal (I don’t do baby oatmeal; I make regular and puree it with an immersion blender) mixed with fruit—applesauce (we canned a LOT of homemade applesauce the fall he was born!), pureed prunes, or peaches. We’ve done banana a few times, but I’m careful with it because of the effect it has on his *cough* output (slows things down). Dinner is usually homemade pureed veggies mixed with a dollop of whole Greek yogurt.

    So we’ve been conservative so far. No finger foods yet (but I think he’s ready, and we’ll start this weekend with some pasta, cooked vegetable, and/or soft fruit). No meat yet, either; we’ll probably hold off a few more weeks for that.

    We’ll do the pouches (we like Ella’s Kitchen and Plum Organics, too, as well as Earth’s Best) when we’re on-the-go, but I squeeze them into a bowl and spoon feed him.

    So far, DJ eats everything we put in front of him! Like you, I know that the food neophobia sets in during the toddler years, so we shouldn’t get smug yet. But my husband and I are varied eaters, so I hope the odds are in our favor. I made a point of eating loads of healthy veggies and fruits while I was pregnant and during the few months I was able to nurse in hopes of influencing his taste (go, Team Brussels Sprouts!).

    My understanding with the shellfish is that some sources recommend holding off due to allergy risks; the same for peanut butter, plus that can be a choking hazards (which is why we haven’t done that yet, either).

  2. Nicole says

    thank you for your comment! I probably should have mentioned we didn’t start out right with 3 meals and one snack a day. I don’t really remember when we officially went there, but I just started offering her more food and as she got hungrier she would take it. I probably should have wrote it down, but oh well! Meals have gotten way better in the last month. I think her appetite really kicked in at 7 months when she started to crawl.

  3. says

    I loved seeing this! I’m going to start oatmeal with Nia soon (I’m going to grind steel cut oats), but I cant find any organics in town. So I’m waiting until I’m at Whole Foods to pick some up there. After we introduce that, then I want to dive into other things (like the pureed veggies and such!) because Nia doesn’t eat many solids right now. But, I’m finally ready, just want to make sure it’s quality foods!!

  4. Jennifer says

    Thanks for posting this! I also love seeing what others feed their babes of the same age. I didn’t really follow any book or read up too much so I appreciate other real moms’ learnings and posts. I never would’ve thought of pancakes, French toast or bread in general. If it wasn’t for this, Harlow would still be on purées. Haha.


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