Friday Five: Recipes, Workouts, Posts & People I Love

5 Posts I’ve read this week worth sharing:

5 Recipes I’ll be Making:

5 Favorite Workout Moves (Right now)

5 People to Support:

  • Michele is doing her first Ironman this Sunday. Here’s how you can track her and support her! 
  • Sarah is doing a marathon this weekend. Send her a tweet and wish her luck!
  • Support Heather’s kickstarter and help her bring us a very special meditation album!
  • Do you know Alan? He’s one of my fav friends I’ve made through blogging/social media. He’s lost just about 140 pounds just by moving and eating well. Check out his instagram. You’ll be instantly motivated and inspired.
  • Jody is on a mission to show us all that “we are enough”.  I fully support this idea and you should too.

Happy Friday! Share something that is your favorite this week!



  1. says

    We are seriously living a deprived life over here because we currently don’t own a BBQ (first world problems, I know!!). I would absolutely LOVE to try out grilled pizza (plus a million other things I can think of). Until then, I’ll live through you ;).

    Thanks for all the clickable content above to enjoy!!

  2. Bri L says

    Love your blog! I was wondering if you have a guide for your plank times, or how log are you doing them? Are you following the PurelyTwins plank-a-day or something else?
    Thanks! :)

  3. says

    Such great shares & I have read some but not all – thank you so much for sharing mine!!! I tried to subscribe here by email which is me – hope I get your posts. I think I might need to go to a reader though – my email inbox is crazy! :)

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