Friday Five! Meals, Blogs, Workouts, etc.

Happy Friday! What a dreary day here. We’ll most likely be staying inside all day since it’s supposed to pour. Should have saved my mall trip for today!

5 favorite meals I’ve been eating lately:

5 favorite blog posts

5 favorite workouts

(P.S. Can you tell I love Tina’s workouts? Join me (and her!) in Best Body Bootcamp starting next week!

5 random things 

  • Working on my What’s Beautiful goals, I’m doing a plank a day to help strength my core. When I did the fit test at the end of BBB I held it for 2:31, which was 26 seconds longer than I held it 8 weeks ago. I’ll take it. My core is definitely still weak from pregnancy, but it’s slowly coming back.
  • I had to real it in on my almond butter intake. Not only was I taking giant scoops from the jar, BUT I’m on my last jar and Trader Joe’s won’t have it back in until mid June.
  • I’m really excited to make grill pizzas this weekend.
  • If you hide from Olivia and say her name, she’ll crawl to you to find you. It’s the cutest thing ever. I may have been crying while Danny was doing it with her last night.
  • My sister entered Liv in Parents Magazine cover photo contest. (Probably everyone gets picked…) but it’s by votes, and I’d love to have you vote for her! Vote here. It’s really easy. You can vote until the 9th.






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    Thank you Nicole. I really loved Martha’s post and so glad that she chose to share it. Loved all of these other posts too. I feel like my core constantly needs work! Great job with your plank. I haven’t planked in forever. And seriously? Liv is the cutest ever. Going over to vote for her now.

  2. says

    I so need to strengthen my core which is what I hope I get out of BBB. I just need to increase my endurance too because I am so not back up to my pre-pregnancy run pace either

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