Freezer Meals To Make Life Easier!

Morning! It’s a new week and I’m feeling especially happy today. We have so many amazing things going on and I just know that today is going to be a great week.

With all the craziness going on, high up on my list, now that I’m past 36 weeks is to get my hospital bag ready, car seat installed and freezer meals made. I was on the fence whether I wanted to put together any freezer meals, but now that I don’t have much going on over the weekends, I figure I might as well. I mean, I can’t rely on take out and my mom to cook for me more than a couple of nights, right?

What do I make for freezer meals? I already made some turkey veggie chili and put 5 servings in the freezer in mason jars. (I made a double batch and we ate some and then froze the rest.)

I’m not going to go overboard with the freezer meals, but just want to have a couple things for the first few weeks when we may or may not be pulling our hair out. The hardest past of these meals is to not eat them before baby when I don’t feel like cooking.

On my list so far:

Spelt Burgers: I’m going to make some adaptations to these and maybe I’ll post when I’m done. These will be great to just pull out of the freezer and throw in a pan or in the oven for a quick lunch or dinner.

Crispy Quinoa Sliders: Jessica just posted these today. I’m thinking, same thing as the spelt burgers, they’ll make a great quick meal with just reheating.

Whole Grain Healthy Chicken Fingers: I want these for dinner tonight, so I’m figuring on just buying a couple packs of chicken and then freezing some.

I also want to make a veggie soup, but don’t have a specific recipe for that…anyone have one? Feel free to link up in the comments!

IMG 2358 300x225 Freezer Meals To Make Life Easier!

As for quick breakfasts, I’ll also be making more pumpkin muffins and some apple muffins from apple picking.

Hopefully this week & weekend I’ll get most of these done!

Any other meals you would suggest making that are great freezer meals? Link up! 


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    Is it bad that my freezer list is mainly baked goods haha. I like the idea of soups, casseroles, maybe even various sauces? I need some ideas too because I should start prepping very soon as well!!

  2. says

    You are doing the right thing by getting some food ready for those first couple of weeks–they will be welcome additions! I like to freeze turkey meatloaf and pasta dishes; always easy.

    Good luck with all that you have going on right now!

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