Chicken Salad and a Bridal Shower!

Rainy Monday! I am not leaving my house until the last second I have to today and for once I’m actually dreading the food store. I hate doing basically anything in the pouring rain and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Currently I’m doing all the work I didn’t get to do over the weekend from the couch. It’s day like these I feel lucky I can work from home. Saturday I was at Bliss Juice Bar for the afternoon giving out some samples. I love being able to talk to customers and get to know other local people. Everyone is always so supportive and love giving me ideas for new stores I should approach. After hanging at Bliss we went down to Jersey to help Danny’s mom host a shower for her niece.

baby culver

We planned the menu a couple of weeks ago and I have to say it was a huge hit. I was pretty exhausted after helping with making all of the food and serving it. I wasn’t too involved in the clean up efforts, a luxury of being pregnant. People like to tell you to sit down. :)

We all pitched in to make lots of delicious food, like mini caprese  bites, spinach and feta on a phylo dough and Pioneer Woman’s chicken salad. I would say that the biggest hit was the chicken salad. We served them on pieces of cucumber, but I also snuck some on focaccia bread I made Friday. It was delicious and so unique. Usually I taste a recipe and adjust flavors as needed, but honestly, with this recipe it was perfect on first try.

You must try this recipe. I not only ate it with my lunch today but plan on making it again ASAP to have in the house!

I have to say I love bridal showers and sharing in the happiness of the bride. Everything was beautiful from the food to the bride to be!

What’s your favorite dish to make for parties?

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