California Quinoa Sushi!


This morning I woke up at 5:30 and debated going for a run then and starting my day off with some sweat or going back to bed. Well, I just woke up. I thought of all the years of early wake ups I’d have in less than 6 months from now and opted to sleep more. Not like I can bank my sleep, but at least I’ll enviously remember what sleep was like! :) Plus, my schedule is flexible today, so I know I can run after my first morning client!

Now that I’m up and breakfast has been eaten (still 2 eggs on a brown rice wrap with ketchup) I can share a recipe with you. Finally, I know!

It’s no secret that I love sushi. I miss raw fish like no other, but at least I can have sushi with shrimp or crab or veggies to substitute in the meantime. I bought some real crab the other day, so I decided I would give at home sushi a try. I saw some sushi with quinoa on pinterest, so I decided to give it a try.

I’m off to a client, package some boxes and get a run in at some point! Have a wonderful day!
Update: Our kickstarter is over 25% complete with just 2 weeks to go! We’re so overwhelmed by your support! Thank you so much! 


  1. says

    Oh this looks good! I miss raw fish too – it was probably the hardest thing for me to go w/o during pregnancy #1. Felt bad for my husband too b/c he really didn’t get a chance to eat it for 9 months either!!
    Have a great day – hope you have a great run later – should warm up later this AM =)

  2. says

    Good for you for going back to bed. Do it while you can I tell ya. :) Sticky quinoa? Brilliant. I’ve never made sushi- I’m scared I’ll mess it up, but you make it sound easy. Enjoy your day!!!

  3. says

    What a good idea to use quinoa in sushi! I’ve been wanting to try to make sushi lately but have to admit I’m pretty intimidated! Seems like such a process but worth it in the end!
    Oh- and what plug-in do you use to have that box appear around your recipes? I really like it!

  4. says

    i so don’t blame you for going back to bed. I have no excuses what so ever & still hate mornings. oooof.

    quinoa in sushi is kind of genius. I dont know why more people dont think of that! so great. Not as sticky as rice but still a great substitute! I’ll have to give it a whirl sometime (my sushi always tastes great but looks like a war zone)

  5. Annie says

    I haven’t tried this kind of sushi and it looks definitely awesome! Now I am a bit craving for it already.. Anyway, thanks for the photos!

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