Healthy Spin on Mac & Cheese with kale!

Morning all! How you?

Today I’m off to an elementary school in Massapequa to donate muffins to 300 elementary school kids for their nutrition week. I love doing events like this because I love seeing their little faces when they eat and enjoy healthy foods. :) Yesterday I basically spent getting ready for this, which is why –> no blog.

But I did manage to make a fantastic lunch…that doubled as dinner. Yes, I ate this 2x yesterday. No I’m not kidding. First let me explain why such a special lunch in the middle of the week…. my amazingly, hardworking, talented sister got a job with the NBC page program! She’s wanted to be a part of this program (yes, Kenneth on 30 Rock) for years now. Admission to the program is more selective than Yale or Harvard! Chris was picked over 7,000 other people. (If you’re friends with me on FB and you saw I wrote 60,000…I was just a tad off…)

She’s also been asking me to make mac and cheese for months now, so yesterday was the day!

This was SO good. It tasted perfectly cheesey without feeling like you are going absolutely nuts with cheese.

I will certainly be making this again!

I’m off to get in a quick morning workout and head to spread BLISS to 300 elementary school students! :)

Have an amazing day! 


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