Mexican Socca Tostada!

So dinner last night was pretty amazing. I was going to write “epic” but I kind of hate that word. I’ll stick with words like amazing, awesome and delicious. They are more my speed. Although… I will break out legendary occasionally as a nod to How I Met Your Mother and Barney Stinson.

I saw a picture of a taco tostado or something along those lines yesterday…and from that one picture I knew what was for dinner. I sent my husband arm deep in our pantry to find the garbanzo bean flour. I just *knew* we had some even if it was at the back of our almost 2 feet deep cabinets. When he pulled out every other flour under the sun and then finally found it, I may have squealed. Yes, food is that exciting in this house. 

This is a multi-step dinner, but it all came together in about 20-25 minutes. So just do it. If you don’t have garbanzo bean flour, then feel free to use a tortilla or brown rice or quinoa flour instead.

I wish there were leftovers from this, but since there aren’t I’m off to figure out what else there is to eat! Also feel free to adapt this to your needs by using just veggies, adding peppers, tofu or even mahi mahi. So many delicious options!

On another note: the winner of my chobani giveaway is…..

Kevin email me your address and we’ll get the chobani out to you!

I’m off to get my workout in and meet some clients!

Have a great day!



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    I’ve seen a lot of bloggers make pizza crusts out of chickpea flour. It’s funny because growing up my mom made lots of dishes using it, but I never would’ve thought to make a pizza out of it! Definitely trying this out soon. Thanks!


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