Vlog: How to Roast a Chicken Easy & Quickly!

Morning! Do most of you have off today? I think most people have off, but I’m sure you’re all still running around doing errands and getting things done. Shouldn’t every weekend be a three day weekend?!

I’m sitting here, just finished my delicious coach’s oats for breakfast and have my St. Joseph candle lit. We are still waiting on the sale of our co-op and keeping everything crossed that it happens in the next two weeks. We really need it to happen, so all good vibes are really, really appreciated!!

I’ve raved many times about this roasted chicken recipe from Jessica. I’ve made it countless times and it’s a huge hit. I was thinking of vlog ideas and my pal Lauren told me she’d like to see how I roast a chicken. It’s SO easy, but it does seem scary.

Enjoy! And don’t be afraid of the chicken now! It’s a perfect dinner that you just throw it in the oven and do whatever you need to. Also it may just give you some leftovers for the week! The video is only 2 minutes. For some reason when I uploaded it to youtube it came up as 4. I tried to fix it, so I’m hoping it works.


Have a wonderful day! Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day!

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