Kitchen Update & EXTRA motivation from experts!

HI! Happy Saturday! I figured I’d post today since I didn’t post yesterday!

Happily I’ve been so busy with Pure Bliss, if I don’t blog first thing in the morning, it doesn’t really happen.

The house is moving along. We haven’t been able to decorate for Christmas yet, but I have that on the agenda for tomorrow. We now have a fully functional kitchen. Not everything is done, but we have all the appliances working. The 2nd wall oven isn’t in yet, but it *may* be happening today.

I’m so so happy with the kitchen. I love all of the appliances we picked and the cabinets. We went with KitchenAid for everything. We bought everything at PC Richards and the guy who helped us was very informative. We could have spent a LOT more money and less money, but he was confident that KitchenAid was very reliable in all appliances and gave us a good bang for our buck. So far he is right and everything works amazing, including the oven and dishwasher. (Full disclosure: we paid for every cent of everything in our kitchen ourselves!)

IMG 4056 300x225 Kitchen Update & EXTRA motivation from experts!

IMG 4057 300x225 Kitchen Update & EXTRA motivation from experts!

IMG 4058 300x225 Kitchen Update & EXTRA motivation from experts!and for the big reveal…

IMG 4059 300x225 Kitchen Update & EXTRA motivation from experts!

the "bathroom" and guest room

You can see that the bathroom is just a giant hole right now.

The kitchen obviously isn’t done. The walls/ceiling need to be spackled & painted and the tile needs to be done for the backsplash. The second bathroom/first floor bathroom probably won’t be done until the first couple of months in the new year. Everyone keeps laughing at me whenever I bring it up because of the job it’s going to be. I knew I just had to get past the kitchen remodel, all I wanted was a working sink!

Also – I should mention, we did all of this ourselves, which is why it may seem drawn out. We have an amazing team of family & friends who have been helping us. Without them, this would have never, ever happened.

I’ve been having some fun in my kitchen this week. Last night I made socca style pizza with feta & black olives. It was pretty good. Not good enough for me to share the recipe, but decent.

9a4a12441d3d11e180c9123138016265 7 300x300 Kitchen Update & EXTRA motivation from experts!

To make the “crust” I just combined 1 cup brown rice flour, 1 cup quinoa flour, 1/2 cup sea salt and 1.5 water and mix together. I cooked them stovetop on a pan & made them like pancakes ¬†and then broiled in broiler. Well…I guess I just shared the recipe after all. The socca style crust was really yummy, but didn’t fare too well as a pizza crust.

IMG 4061 300x225 Kitchen Update & EXTRA motivation from experts!

(like my TJ's ho ho chips in background?)

I also made an awesome ginger egg lemon soup. I need to get back writing down my recipes so I can actually blog them. This week it’s one of my goals!

I have to go to work in a little bit, so have a wonderful weekend!

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Happy weekend!!



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