Just Do It! Today! Because You Can!! Don’t Wait to Change Your Life!

Happy December! (How is it December already?!?!) The years just fly by…but it’s nothing new, you’ve all heard this…and probably say it often yourself.

Time flies when your having fun!

I’m feeling extra sentimental these days, it must be me being one whole year older. Yesterday it was being thankful and reflective. Today..I don’t know what today should be labeled.

Today is December 1st. A new month and one month away from January 1st, New Years. Usually we look at New Years as a chance to start over. A chance to set goals for ourselves and commit to things like fitness and weight loss again. But why wait until January 1st? Every new day is a chance to make a new start for yourself. So us Fitfluential Ambassadors want you to take today by it’s horns and start your new journey now!

Fitness can be daunting to get into. People always ask me how I stick with exercising. First off, it wasn’t always so easy for me. My friends who I went to middle school and high school with KNOW that I HATED running. I would skip out on gym/ be absent/get doctor’s notes just so I DIDN’T have to run A mile. ONE MILE! I was never into organized sports. It just wasn’t for me.

I started to go to the gym in high school and started slowly with the elliptical and lifting some weights.  I was committed. I started to LOVE taking new classes & trying new ways to exercise. I still love it.  I loved the fact I lost some of the baby chub that I carried AND the energy I had.

Have I consistently stuck to exercising for the past 11 years? No, there were those gaps in college where pizza & beer looked and felt better…but trust me I did NOT look or FEEL better. I found exercise again in college when my jeans couldn’t have possibly “shrunk” in the dryer AGAIN.  Although there were a lot of those moments convincing myself that they really did shrink. My mirror at college was always more forgiving than the one in my mom’s house.

With all that said…plenty of us need motivation to get started. That’s nothing to be ashamed about.

How can you get out there and start exercising? I promise you can do it! YOU CAN DO IT! (Did anyone ever watch Tony Little’s exercise dvds? No? Just my mom and I ? Ok…)

1. The first thing I will tell you is do what you love..or at least like. Not everyone needs to be a runner, spinner, yogi, or  kickboxer. Stop comparing yourself to the next person’s tree pose or sprints.  You need to find your most favorite form of exercise and start with that. Fitness/exercise/working out should not be torture. If running is awful/terrible & painful for you, then guess what…it’s not for you! Find something you love. You will be more likely to stick with it for the long run.

2. Get some DARN CUTE workout clothes! If you keep working out in those huge t shirts then trust me you will NEVER want to workout. Go get some cute lycra pants that make your butt look extra good and you’ll be admiring yourself AND feel more confident. Plus you won’t be soaking wet when you sweat.

3. Pull out your calendar, get a pen and schedule your workout in, leaving time for travel if you are heading to a gym, yoga or pilates studio. If you share a calendar with your spouse then make sure they are well aware of your schedule for the week. This will give them a heads up if they need to be prepared to watch the kids or prepare dinner. Get them on board because their support is just what you need!

4. Hours in the gym have you intimidated? Guess what? You DON’T need HOURS in the gym to get results. Start with 20 or 30 minutes of cardio, 2 or 3 times a week. Don’t over commit yourself and set yourself up for success. After you get into the swing of doing cardio 2 or 3 times a week, add in some days for lifting weights. You can check out routines in magazines, or from Shape, Self or Women’s Health mag. Fitnessista also has some awesome easy to follow strength routines.

5. Picture the alone/me time you’ll have when you get out of the house and go workout. You will be doing everyone a favor because you will be a better person because of it. It’s amazing what 20-30 minutes of exercise will do for your stress, and happiness levels.  That’s enough to make you run out of the door.
6.  Working out DOESN’T have to be expensive. You don’t have to commit to a gym membership if you’re nervous you won’t use it. Walking & running only require sneakers. There are also plenty of body weight workouts you can do, inexpensive DVD’s, online programs, etc you can look into. You can also talk to your local gym/yoga/pilates studio to see if they do first classes free. They may even offer special promotions for first time clients for one or two week memberships.
7. Set a goal, but plan for success NOT failure. If you plan to workout 3 times a week for a month, reward yourself with something non-food related. Maybe a pedicure, massage, new workout top or that yoga membership you’ve wanted. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Start small and build, using a reward at the end to motivate you. Make sure you have different rewards for each month so you don’t reach your goals and fall off the wagon!
Be prepared for side effects. You probably will feel more energized, happier, sleep better, be more pleasant to be around and even improve your cardiovascular health. I know, scary.
So what are you waiting for? Get going!
What are your favorite tips to get your motivated to start working out again?


  1. Jess says

    love this. especially the “darn cute” workout pants. i think that’s where my lack of motivation comes from–my never-ending supply of tshirts 😉

  2. says

    Great post Nicole! I think just committing a little time for you is the best way to go. I love the idea of putting it on a calendar. Then you have a plan! It shouldn’t be a question either…make it a routine even if it’s just a little bit.

  3. says

    Love this post! I especially like the recommendation about getting cute workout clothes! When I get a new pair of running shoes or a new technical shirt, I just feel like I’m already getting in better shape and I want to get out there and show it off!

  4. says

    Thanks for the words of advice on how much time to spend in the gym. I always think of myself lower when I see other people who come to the gym almost every day of the week including weekends. I only go once a while. I lack the motivation to work out on a daily basis so I procrastinate instead. I will take you suggestion and not feel bad about myself.

    Anna L.

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