Comfort Food & An Emotional Time of Year

Happy Monday!

How was everyone’s weekend? I need the weekend to be about 24 hours longer to get everything done. Okay, maybe I still wouldn’t get everything done, but more would be accomplished.

Yesterday we went over to my Aunt Millie’s house and helped her decorate for Christmas. She’s going to be 95 on the 17th and is truly an amazing woman. This is such an emotional time of year (for everyone I’m sure) but especially after losing my Aunt and then my grandma, it makes us really mushy & reflective. Because of this Aunt Mill is always hesitant to put up decorations, I think because every holiday makes her realize who is not around. After we coax her into decorating it always brightens and cheers her up as well as us.

blurry but still cute

I think my Aunt Louise bought enough decorations for her house, my house and my sister’s future house. We didn’t put up everything, but we did put up a bunch. It makes up feel like we are honoring them when we decorate.

Okay, I’m done being extra emotional…for now.

After four hours of Christmas decorating at Aunt Millie’s, our house still isn’t done. I put out some Christmas-y inside, but outside is bare still. Hopefully tonight it will get done.

Our kitchen is looking pretty good these days, so I decided to celebrate Sunday with a nice dinner. I made some guac-hummus, string beans, a chicken & sweet potatoes. So easy. So delicious. So much better than take out.

With all this emotion, I’m certainly feeling the need for comfort foods. Even though these may not be typical comfort foods, the warming nature of sweet potatoes and the chicken certainly warmed me up from the inside out. The sugar cookie candle & candy cane green tea also helped!

And like I promised…more MOTIVATION to get your fitness ON!

Happy Reading! By the way, what is your favorite comfort food?



  1. says

    This is such a great post and perfectly timed. I lost my nana a few weeks ago, and everything Christmas-related has been sad. I need to remember to honor her and to cherish everyone around me by getting in the spirit!

    • Nicole says

      Thanks Bianca! My favorite comfort food is pasta too, but I’d be eating it every night lately with how emotional I’ve been! :)

  2. says

    What a beautiful and supportive family! Sometimes the holidays can be tough especially when you have lost family members, I know it is for me and my family.
    Eating comforting foods does help :) I am not really sure if I have a favorite or not, I enjoy all types of foods that comfort me in different ways

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