Sugary Weekend In Review

Good morning! I know I disappeared for 3 days on ya, but really I just wanted to leave the Pecan Pumpkin Brownie Pie up for 3 days to convince you all that you should make that. Okay, not really. I needed a blogging break to spend sometime with family. We had a really nice weekend and did some traveling, some working out and lots of eating.

Travel: This weekend Danny and I went down to Jersey to celebrate two of our nephews birthdays. We spent Saturday basically on the beach, which was perfect. I think I packed every possible category of clothing because I didn’t believe it was going to be so hot. I kind of felt weird because I semi-wanted to be in a sweatshirt on the beach, but no complaints here.

Workout: We ran on the beach in the morning and then even sat on the beach later. The running intervals we did were: run for 3 minutes, run fast for 30 seconds and slow down for 30 seconds, repeat. We did this for about 50 minutes. I get bored just running at the same pace on the beach, so it was nice to switch it up.

Sunday was a rest day and Monday I did an awesome vinyasa class at Breathe N Flow yoga. LOVE this studio and love the owners more. I also did day 36 of Jamie Eason’s 12 week trainer which was back.

Food: After a weekend filled with the beach, pecan pumpkin brownie pie, apple streusel and pasta Monday night, I’m feeling sugared out. Well, the beach has nothing to do with sugar, but there was sugar eaten at the beach, so it goes together.

Now on to what goes hand in hand with food & eating…


I’ve got my eye on some new recipes to try:

Jessica just posted this roasted almond crusted salmon. This is number one on my to make this some point this week. Amazing.

Brittney’s Chocolate Chunk Pumpkin Bars because I love making things with pumpkin.

Pure2Raw’s Apple Pie Parfait. Different type of breakfast? Don’t mind if I do.

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What recipes do you have your eye on? Please share!

Have a great day!




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