Tribute to my sister with Kale Chips!

Another day, another new week. Except one thing is different about this week, my side kick/assistant/marketing producer/organizer/entertainer/sister is starting her very real life job! I’m so excited for her because I know she’s going to love it, but I’m sad for me because I won’t get to see her every second. Considering I’m moving down the block, I’m not too too concerned though!

So in honor of my sister and all the amazing things she’s done and helped me with this summer I’m posting this recipe for her. She is a pretty open to anything eater, but there are somethings she strongly stands against…like cinnamon and blueberry muffins. I could offer her $100,000 and she still wouldn’t eat anything that contained those two items. It’s like poison to her.

Knowing how “for” or “against” foods she is, I was taking a risk making these kale chips for her…but I’m a risk taking kind of gal, so I went for it. And by risk taking, if you mean cooking a food for someone that they may not like…then I’m all over it….if you’re talking sky diving…or um, camping…then um, just call me a stick in the mud.

Don’t be afraid to eat all of these yourself…or to go back and make more. If you’re worried about taking down 2 tbsp of olive oil at a time…then you can use a bit less and add more if you feel it necessary.  Don’t bother saving these, because they get soggy, which is why you should go ahead and eat all of these!

Another note: my mom actually liked these, which means these really are a winner!

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Enjoy the day!



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