Fresh Tomato Grape Salsa!

Good morning! Just walked in from a hot and sweaty run. To beat the heat I got up at 6, but didn’t get out until almost 7 and it was so humid out. It wasn’t that hot, but the air was very thick and almost hard to breathe. Glad that’s over!

I forgot to tell you that my pantry clean out is also extended to my freezer. These things are just black holes, so I’m determined to figured out what’s in them and use it up!

Last night was mostly fresh produce and frozen tuna from the (obviously) freezer. No can’s or grains were used, so I kind of lose points there, but tonight’s a new night! I wasn’t that hungry because I started snacking the minute I got in the door, after a belly full of chips, carrots and salsa, dinner was pretty light.

With the salsa mentioned above, maybe one would think that may have come from my pantry, but no! I got an intense desire to make fresh salsa. I’ve been seeing red grapes used in so many dishes lately, that I figured, why not throw it in my salsa? Excellent decision.


This was my first time making my own salsa, and it was so easy I will be doing it again. Hopefully next time I’ll have some garden fresh tomatoes from my mom’s garden.

Off to do some work. Stay tuned for an amazing giveaway for my 2 year blogiversary! So excited for this one!


  1. Erin says

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I made it today and it’s amazing, I just tweaked it a bit. I can’t stand bell peppers, so I used a jalapeno and added a small shallot for some onion flavor. The result was slightly sweet and little spicy, but very cool and refreshing. It is for sure perfect for our hot Texas summer.

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