Want Totally Affordable Workout Clothes?

Good morning! Holy heat wave, right? I know, it’s what everyone is talking about. The weather is just a hot topic of conversation.

I took the day off from blogging yesterday because I got home really late (for a week night…and for an old person like me) on Tuesday and I just had no time or energy to blog.

Tuesday I had a busy day with Wanderlust and my friend’s event. Wanderlust in the city was a preview of their big event in Vermont at the end of the month. To quote them:

Wanderlust is a one-of-a-kind festival bringing together the world’s best yoga teachers and best performers in rock & roll, all in a setting of breathtaking natural beauty. We’re talking about fun in the sun and dancing under the stars. Gettin’ your down dog on at the top of the mountain and enjoying cold microbrews and the freshest farm to table foods. Early morning meditations and all-night chakra spinning musical performances.”

I thought it was a great event. I enjoyed the music and the two instructors. I thought they taught well together, and I enjoyed hearing them switch off. You could tell (in my opinion) that they practice two different schools of yoga, but they brought it together beautifully. I’m really not that hard to please, so I was very happy on my mat, doing yoga in a beautiful setting.

I was also lucky to be provided with a really cool outfit to work out in from C9 by Champion (at Target). I had a couple of things from their line, but these are better than what I have. I found the C9 by Champion clothes to be extremely lightweight, comfortable and cute too…which is obviously very important. Honestly, I was surprised at how well made it was. The sports bra would be more for yoga and the bike rather than running, but it still fit well. The best part about it all, is that the line is very inexpensive. I know we all die for Lululemon, but these are good quality clothes for a fraction of the price.

You can see the champion capris here (and also me getting kinetic taping done for my runner’s knee). Thank you C9 by Champion!

Off to another day of work…the countdown is HERE. Just days left until the freedom of the summer!

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  1. joanna says

    i have lots of target sports bars, and when I want them for running/elliptical I buy a size smaller, haha. They’re just so comfy I can’t resist!

  2. says

    Since the majority of my clothes are workout clothes, I spend a lot of money on them and I SWEAR BY C9! I just love everything I have from them (except their tempo shorts, they’re just okay), but those are the only bras I wear and I LOVE their capris, tanks, tees, everything! Just a great, inexpensive brand!

  3. says

    Looks like a fun event!

    I have a few sports bras from target, and I have to say I really like them. They are so much less expensive than lululemon,and do a great job!

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