Thoughts on…BODY FOR LIFE!

Morning! What a GORGEOUS one too! I’m so thankful to be on day 2 of summer vacation. Dan 1 was a busy one! I filled basically my entire day with meeting with a referral partner/client (YAY!), working on my sugar workshop, helping my sister with her milk allergy, seeing my Aunt, etc. Lots of good things.I can’t believe it was only day 1 of vacation. If that’s a preview for the summer, it’s going to be BUSY. Which is good in my book.

I’m about to go for a run, but while I drink my first cup of coffee, I figured I’d give you what I’ve been promising. My overview on BODY FOR LIFE.

I heard about Body for Life awhile ago from Mama Pea. She had great results with it and when Brittney said she was going to give it a try, I was inspired!


  • It’s a 12 week program that promises mental and physical transformation if you follow the program to a T.
  • 3 days a week of strength training (it alternates between 2 days lower body, 1 day upper and the next week will be 2 days upper, 1 day lower)
  • 3 days of 20 minutes of intense cardio (don’t scoff it’s HARD). The cardio should be done first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach
  • The strength training days are about 45 minutes of training. You lift heavy weights and do 5 sets, doing more weight and less reps on each set.
  • You should plan your workouts before hand with the particular body parts in mind.
  • The eating plan has you eating 6 small meals a day for 6 days a week, each composed of a protein and a carb. You get one “free” day where you can eat whatever. It follows 6 meals a day so you keep your metabolism raised and energy levels stable.

My very honest thoughts:

I actually really like BODY FOR LIFE. I like the way it doesn’t require you to spend hours working out and you get the job done in little time.

I am doing the strength training days, but honestly having a hard time only sticking to the small amounts of cardio. I know that lots of us become cardio junkies and I’m trying to get out of that mindset. Since starting this 4 weeks ago, I’ve reduced my cardio. I love to run, so I’ve been making my runs (about 2 days a week) down to about 3 miles usually, occasionally a little longer.

On weight days, I’ve been doing the shorter intensity workouts. I KNOW I would probably see faster results if I reduced my cardio and followed the plan to a T and I’m working towards it, I’m just not there yet. I really like using heavier weights and really feel a difference from just using 8-10 pound weights, which I’ve been doing for years. I don’t necessary like having to go to the gym to do weights, but in a small way I’m liking it. I just try to play my iPod loud and ignore everyone else.

The early morning workout also doesn’t always work with me. I’m all about morning workouts, but sometimes due to plans it doesn’t always workout. If I do get in a morning workout, I always have a half a granola bar or chocolate ball before. I just can’t workout on an empty stomach, it makes me nauseous.  So the working out on an empty stomach, doesn’t really work for me. (Thanks to Aine for reminding me about this point.)

As far as the eating plan goes, I’m not really following it, but I’m keeping in mind to have a full portion of protein and not over do-ing on the carb front, which is easy for me. I already do eat six times a day, but it’s usually 3 bigger meals and 3 small snacks. I’m trying to balance it out a little more.  I’m also not participating in the “free” day idea. While I understand why some people would do it, I don’t really want a day to go “balls to the wall” and that is what could happen. I eat day to day, based on how I feel. If I am in the mood to have a food that’s considered a “splurge” I go for it.

Results: I do feel like I’m more toned, especially in my stomach. I see smalls results in my arms and legs and hope to continue to see those results. I know I’d see results quicker if I stopped doing more cardio than suggested, but I already addressed that issue.

*Disclaimer: I bought this book myself and was not compensated at all for this. These thoughts are all my own!

Have you tried Body for Life?

Have a great day! I’m off to run and head to the beach!