Beach Run and Weekend Recap

Monday!!  The last Monday of the school year! My happiness is just out of control.

This weekend we went to the Jersey Shore to see Danny’s family. The weather was PERFECT beach weather, a perfect breeze, not too hot. I would say great waves…but I never go in the water…past my ankles. I’m a sit and bake in the sun with a magazine kind of girl.

Sunday we went for a run on the beach. It was heading toward low tide, so the water was going out. It’s the best time to run because the sand is mostly packed down. I run with my sneakers to support my ankles. It was hard, but it was a great workout and the sand was good for my knee too.

We walked for 10 minutes to warm up and cool down. After walking, in intervals, we ran for 4 minutes, ran in a sorta sprint for a minute, jogged for 30 seconds and then walked for a minute. By the end of it we did 5 miles on the beach, which is killer. I’m feeling it today in my butt!

A few tips for running on the beach:

  • Start on wet sand. It’s easier to run on than soft sand. Do a couple of shorter runs and intervals to get used to it.
  • Be prepared to run slower! Running on the beach is HARD!
  • Wear sunscreen. Even though it’s early, the sun can still burn you!
  • Run for time not for distance. Since you’re running slower, you won’t go as far!
  • Have fun and don’t take it so seriously! Remember where you are and enjoy the scenery! If you need to stop or walk do it, it’s still a great workout!

Have a great sunny Monday!