Money Saving Tips: Amazing Subscribe and Save!

You know I love to cook…and bake…and eat. And I have a husband who loves to eat massive amounts of anything I make, so you can imagine how much food we buy and consume on a weekly basis. It’s pretty ridiculous really…and we’re only 2 people.

I’ve had to get creative in the money spending department, because clearly I want to spend money on other important things…like JCREW.

So…the big question is…how the heck do we save money on food? After months of searching and figuring out that Whole Foods’s nickname of Whole Paycheck is quite accurate. And then realizing that even though iHerb is a good way to save more money…something even better is out there.


You all know, especially if you follow me on twitter…that I spend gobs of money on Amazon. The Amazon app is my best and worst friend.

But when it comes to talking about dollars saved, it’s only my best friend.

I buy all of my items I can’t get at Trader Joe’s, online. I used to buy it at iherb, and sometimes I still do, but now I’m a huge (unpaid) advocate for amazon.

(One thing you should know first is about Amazon Subscribe and Save. You check if it’s offered for the item you want and then you can sign up for it. You don’t have to pay a fee, get free shipping and get a 15% discount. All you have to do is subscribe to the item, where you can choose the frequency you want it delivered. You can choose as often as every month, 2 months, 3 months or 6 months. You also can change the schedule of delivery at any time, or have them ship an extra shipment immediately. The options are basically endless.)

This is the picture you will see to the right of the screen if Subscribe and Save is offered:

There also will be a blue box offering a discounted price for Subscribe and Save below the price. See the above picture. (Click it to make it bigger)

Now let’s compare prices!

Nutiva  Organic Shelled Hemp: 8 oz.

  • Whole Foods: ~ 12.00
  • iHerb: $7.50 (so yes cheaper than Whole Foods)
  • Amazon: with subscribe and save: $9.49 FOR A PACK OF 3!! and free shipping!
  • That’s a savings of over $4.00, plus saving on shipping!

Bob’s Gluten Free Rolled Oats:

  • iHerb: $6.15 for 2 lbs
  • Amazon: with Subscribe and Save: $16.74 FOR A PACK OF 4 (32oz bags) and free shipping!
  • That’s a savings of over $2.00 per package, plus saving on shipping!

Navitas Naturals Raw Cacao Nibs 16 oz. bag

  • Whole Foods: ~15.00
  • iHerb: $13.97 + shipping
  • Amazon: with Subscribe and Save: $21.73 (a pack of 2) and free shipping
  • That’s a savings of over $3.00 plus shipping!

Bottom Line:

If you have a food you love and know you will be ordering it a lot, check to see if it’s offered through Amazon subscribe and save. You will save big bucks in the long run and can schedule deliveries.

If you are trying a food for a first time, try iHerb, it is cheaper than Whole Foods and comes in single packages.

Not everything is offered through Amazon subscribe and save, but A LOT is and they are expanding seems. Check it out and if an items not there, it still probably is cheaper on Amazon.


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    I had never heard of this… I try to limit my grocery bills by writing out lists and sticking to them, but this is another great option to know about!


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