Crispy Polenta Cakes

What do you make for dinner after a race? That’s what I had to figure out Sunday night and fast. I’m always pretty ravenous after races, but a quick, filling lunch usually does the trick. After the race on Sunday we went to our favorite post run spot, Le Pain Quotidien on 2nd and 50th. We filled up on water, coffee, a meditteranean appetizer and our own sandwiches.

After driving to make our family and food shopping stops when we got home we were famished again. I had to think of a filling dinner and fast. Luckily at Trader Joe’s I picked up some polenta. I got the precooked kind that comes in a cylinder type package. I usually shy away from it, but it looked quick and easy and I was hungry…so pre cooked polenta it was.

I decided I’d go with polenta cakes. Really, I don’t have a better name for them..but if you do let me know. These were super fast and easy to make…and delicious to boot. I love the way they are super crispy on the outside but soft and almost creamy on the inside.

These are great with a salad or with other beans or vegetables.

Yesterday I cured myself with some sun salutations in the morning and an hour of yoga at night. Yoga = priceless to the runner’s legs. Can’t say enough about it.

Great dinner + yoga = happy me

What is your favorite post exercise meal?



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