Favorite Snacks of Late

Good morning! How is everyone’s day going? I missed out on one day of posting because I was so tired yesterday for some reason. I loved reading all of your comments about Mother’s Day and thank you for all the sweet words! I hope you all enjoyed your mothers or your children and got to celebrate in a way that was perfect for you!

This morning Danny and I got up and ran. We have a race on Saturday in Central Park, the Healthy Kidney 10k. So to try and get ready for the run we are running today, Thursday and taking Friday off before the race. I’ll probably do some light yoga Friday morning, instead of going to spin. I don’t want my legs to be tired at all! The last 10k we did was in the fall and we came in under 1 hour. I don’t have a goal time, but I’d like it to be under an hour..if not…no big deal.

On another note, with all this yoga talk going on, I finally got a picture snapped of crow pose. I made Danny take it while I was getting ready for my yoga pose May post.
not bad right? (No one can tell that I literally fell over after this.
This was the longest I ever held and then down I went.)

I feel like I have been very snacky lately and I’ve been trying to be creative with my snacks. I thought it may be interesting to some (if not sorry!) to post all of the things I snack on throughout the day. (Usually not all of these things in one day, but sometimes!)

Personally I think I eat a whole lot of fruits and vegetables. Those are definitely the main things I eat throughout the day. Second would probably be hummus. I think I’m addicted.

Here are some snacks I eat/drink.

Juice: Usually consists of some/or all of: beets, carrots, apples, pears, lemon, ginger, spinach

Muffins – basically another obsession

homemade granola bars. I may have to stop making these because I eat these in huge chunks.
chocolate chip scones..warmed up in the microwave.
raw chocolate balls, tastes just like cookie dough
hummus with carrots, celery or Mary’s Gone Crackers
These are a new fav of mine, Trader Joe’s Savory Thin Mini Edamame Crackers (made with brown rice)

On another note, my new vegetable obsession is brussel sprouts.  I roast them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 40-45 minutes. I toss them with olive oil, sea salt and pepper before they go in the oven.

What are your favorite snacks? Are you running or competing in any races coming up??

Have a great day!