New Breakfast: Maple Almond Oatmeal!

Morning! We are 3 days into Dan’s new role and him being home more. I can’t wait to write more about it, but it has really freed up time for me to work more at home. I can get in anywhere from 1-3 hours in the morning and then if I need to another hour in the late afternoon. It’s been really nice and I already feel more balanced as a family.

I’ve been making breakfast in the morning because I have more time now. I made a quick oatmeal yesterday and it was so great I wanted to share the recipe. Olivia loves helping in the kitchen, so she enjoyed putting in each ingredient and mixing.  Definitely a very family friendly breakfast and packed with nutrients too!


This will be perfect for fall. I’m not quite ready for daily oatmeal, but soon!

What’s your favorite breakfast of late? Always looking for new options! 


Fitness Friday: I Broke up with My Step Counter

After having Mila, I started going for walks about a week or two post partum. I love walking. It’s such a great form of movement and a way to get outside with a newborn. I started checking my step counter on my iPhone after 4 weeks postpartum to see how many steps I had taken…. 

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Periscope: How I’m Using it to my Benefit

I’m having a lot of fun on Periscope. I think it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers and readers…and MENTORS. I really am trying to use it for personal and business development. I can’t always jump on live broadcasts because….kids…but I can watch the replays. I will play the re-broadcasts and just listen… 

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2 oz.-2

Small Business Talk: Books, Podcasts and More to Help Learn and Grow

After having Olivia I was not ready to go back to work running Blissful Eats for a long, long time. We kept our accounts that we had, but didn’t add any new ones. After having Mila, I didn’t work for a few weeks, but I definitly felt the itch to start working creep in…which is also… 

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